It’s been a great year in music, and the votes are in! You placed your votes for the top songs of 2011 and from your votes we have compiled the top 89 songs of 2011. We will be counting down this list today and asking you to become an encore member to WTMD. Your encore club membership today can help WTMD build a solid foundation for next year’s finances and help us to possibly cut down the number of days we spend on the air doing pledge drives. Your support to WTMD as an encore club member helps us to map out our finances and gives WTMD a steady stream of funds which we can rely on. We hope we can count on you to become an encore club member today. Please call 410-307-1721 or go to our pledge page at to become an encore club member! Thanks for making the music happen and making 2011 such a great year. With your support we hope to make 2012 even better!

78. Adele – I’ll Be Waiting
79. Peter, Bjorn & John – Second Chance
80. Bell X 1 – Velcro
81. Givers – Saw You First
82. Dawes – If I Wanted Someone
83. Death Cab For Cutie – Like A Tourist
84. Lana Del Rey – Video Games
85. Lykke Li – I Follow Rivers
86. Tom Principato – Don’t Wanna Do It
87. Bon Iver – Calgary
88. Motopony – King Of Diamonds
89. Katie Hertzig – Free My Mind