Sustaining Members help ensure WTMD's financial future
and reduce the need for on-air fundraising.

Thank you to our sustaining monthly members. Your support is the foundation of our membership program and we’re grateful to have you in the WTMD family.

By making a sustaining monthly contribution, debited from your bank account or charged to a credit card, without expiration, WTMD is able to put more of your dollars toward the music you love. Sustaining monthly members help us reduce printing costs, and allow us to better project our monthly fund raising income, and that allows us to more securely manage the station’s finances. Plus, the more sustaining members we have, the more days we can cut from on-air fund raising!

There’s no need for renewal reminders because your membership is always current, saving the station thousands of dollars in postage and paper every year. You can choose a new thank you gift every year and will have the opportunity to make small, one time gifts to pick up any extras.

You can choose a brand new thank you gift every year, and we have all of our new thank you gifts at a lower one-time donation amount in case you want to pick up more than one. Just shoot membership an email and let us know what you would like for your annual gift!

Sustaining members are invited to special “sustainer only” events and are automatically entered into all membership contests!

If you need to cancel at any time, please email our membership team.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No. Your gift will renew automatically. You can contact us when you know your card is about to expire or bank account changes, so we can update and keep your payments continuing, uninterrupted – just call 410-735-1610 or email [email protected]. All monthly memberships are auto-renew. We do not have annual monthly memberships. You may stop whenever you like.

You can pay by credit, debit or Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).  EFT is a direct debit from your checking or savings account.  EFT’s have a lower processing fee and do not decline nearly as often as credit cards (and you don’t have to update your card’s expiration date!).  We encourage EFT for those reasons but are happy to take whatever payment method works best for you!

When you become a sustaining member, you may choose a thank you gift at your appropriate giving level. When we have new thank you gifts throughout the year, sustaining members are welcome to choose a new annual thank you gift at your current giving level. We ask that you choose one gift per year. Just give membership a call at 410-735-1610 or email and we’ll be happy to send you one. If you would like to increase your monthly or make an additional gift during the drive, please click on the Additional Gift link on our donation page. Current thank you gifts are available at a special, lower price for our monthly members. We are so grateful for that extra support during our crucial member drives. Thank you!

Absolutely! WTMD always welcomes as much support as you are able to contribute, and we greatly value any additional gift you are inspired to make. Additional gifts to support specific projects like our First Thursday concerts, in-station events and more.  Sometimes we’ll have new thank you gifts available or concert tickets during our member drives that you may want to make an additional gift to receive.

You are in complete control of your giving, and you are welcome to increase, decrease or stop your monthly donations at any time.  You may update your card on our secure, online form. Or email membership to make any changes to your plan.

No problem! Please email membership or give us a call at 410-735-1610, and we will update your gift. Do not leave credit card numbers on voice mail or through email. You may also update your card on our secure, online form. If you notice any discrepancies on your statement, call us immediately. We’ll work with you to correct the problem.

Sustaining payments are processed at the end of each month.

WTMD sends tax letters to donors who give $250 and above. If you do not receive yours, please email the team and we can send you a copy. See you tax professional for any further questions.

Your monthly contribution takes you out of our traditional “Renewal Cycle” so you will not receive any renewal notices.  You will receive a couple of letters each year asking for additional gifts during our major periods of fund raising and upgrade asks, plus your thank you letter and tax receipt.

Thank you for considering a sustaining membership. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our membership team. If you're ready to go, make your monthly gift here. And thank you for your support!

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