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WTMD is thrilled to present Young at Heart, a radio show for children and adults hosted by Lisa Mathews, the lead singer of Grammy-nominated Baltimore kids rock band Milkshake.

Young at Heart is a weekly show from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. on Saturday mornings – a time when, for better or worse, families with young children are usually awake.

Lisa’s first episode featured music from Wilco, David Bowie, Weezer and the White Stripes – as well as songs by Danny Weinkauf of They Might Be Giants, Lisa Loeb, Andrew & Polly and Walter Martin of the Walkmen.

Since first creating the show in March of 2018, Lisa has added special features to the great kid-friendly music. Talking Tunes is a short segment where Lisa chats with fellow bandmates Brian Simms and Tom Moon about a song the guys would like to talk about from the musicians’ point of view, followed by the tune itself. Song Bites finds a kindie artist talking about what inspired a particular song. Artist Interview is a 10-15 minute interview with an artist currently making music for kids and families. And smARTbeats is a special-to-Baltimore feature, where Lisa talks with a Young Audiences of Maryland Teaching Artist working in area schools to bring arts into the curriculum.

“I want Young at Heart to fit with WTMD and its beautifully indie perspective,” Mathews says. “I’d like to think we’re at our best when we’re young at heart — when we have a youthful outlook on life no matter what our age. I still like to ride the roller coaster, jump in rain puddles and eat toasted marshmallows. So listening to songs about taking a trip into space or the wonders of rainbows or eating lots of grapes rocks my world, and I hope it makes listeners smile while they start their day together.”

About Lisa Matthews
About Lisa Matthews
When you have a great voice, use it. And that’s just what the multifaceted Lisa Mathews does. In the studio recording a voiceover or singing a jingle, fronting her band or chatting with her 16-year-old about her day or the news, Lisa doesn’t waste it. Lisa has spent most of her adult life in rock bands, including the popular alt-rock group Love Riot, and written music that has found its way onto TV shows and movies. Currently, she’s the dynamic front person for the wildly popular, Grammy-nominated kids’ rock band Milkshake, whose music has been featured on PBS KIDS, Nick Jr. and Emmy-Award winning “ToddWorld” cartoon. She’s also a Wolf Trap-trained Teaching Artist in Maryland and Virginia schools, working alongside teachers to integrate arts strategies into the curriculum. One might say she can do it all, but that wouldn’t be true. She’s a horrible dancer.
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