From the 1970s to today, public radio has had a remarkable impact on Baltimore’s news, music and culture.

Over the years, countless listeners have tuned in to the city’s four largest public radio stations – WYPR, WEAA, WBJC and WTMD – not only to listen but also to be part of the conversation.

On Thursday Dec. 8 at the Baltimore Museum of Industry there was a celebration of public radio’s rich history in Baltimore, as told by some of its most recognizable voices and influential contributors.

Hosted by Jayne Miller, a longtime reporter for WBAL and public radio advocate, the Baltimore Public Radio Reunion featured:

Tom Hall (WYPR)
Judith Krummeck (WBJC)
Robert Shahid (WEAA)
Tony Brandon (WYPR)
Don Rogers (WTMD)
John Milton Wesley (WEAA)
Sheilah Kast (WYPR)
Jonathan Palevsky (WBJC)
Marc Steiner (WEAA, WYPR)
LaFontaine Oliver (WYPR, WTMD, WEAA)

They shared stories from their (often unlikely) journeys into public radio, as well as memorable moments from behind the microphone and behind the scenes.

The Baltimore Public Radio Reunion gave us a chance to meet some of our favorite public radio personalities, and also learn more about how these stations came to be, and what the future may hold.

Photos by David LaMason.