Young At Heart Interviews
Young At Heart Interviews

Walter Martin was the bassist with The Walkmen, a band played here on WTMD long before Young At Heart started playing Walter’s kid-friendly CDs. Nowadays, The Walkmen have disbanded, and Walter has been busy in his studio in Brooklyn creating some very original music for everyone. In 2014, he released We’re All Young Together, a CD for kids that to date has spawned three songs used as Apple and Android commercials. We love this CD so much here at Young At Heart, that we use a bit of the title track as our weekly intro. Late last year, Walter released his first solo CD for adults called Arts and Leisure, and he’s just released a new CD for kids called My Kinda Music. Prolific? I’d say so! I was so happy to catch up to Walter and chat about his music and videos when he called one morning from his home in Brooklyn.

Listen to the interview here: