Young At Heart Interviews
Young At Heart Interviews

Steve Burns (the original host of Blue’s Clues) and Steven Drozd (The Flaming Lips’ multi-instrumentalist and multi-Grammy winner) have joined forces as STEVENSTEVEN to record Foreverywhere, their debut album of children’s songs for everyone. The two had met in the early-2000s when Burns was recording his first album of original music at a studio in upstate New York owned by The Lips’ producer Dave Fridmann, and after working on a video of “I Hog the Ground” for Noggin’s Jack’s Big Music Show, Steve and Steven decided to eventually do an album for kids. Foreverywhere is part concept album, part legend, all play, fun and filled to the brim with immediate music that will be enjoyed by kids, parents, fans of The Flaming Lips and grownup fans of Blue’s Clues alike. I caught up with them by phone February 22, before their first family show in Brooklyn.

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