WTMD plays Bob Schneider’s music. The station likes this Austin musician, and maybe you’ve heard songs like “Stars Over Your House,” “40 Dogs (Romeo and Juliet)” or “Please Ask For Help” (which Bob says his son Luc wrote the chorus for). So when I told the guys here at WTMD that Bob released an album of songs he recorded with his son, and he was officially a Young At Heart “Adult Kid,” they were so excited. Well…maybe they weren’t really excited. But I was, because I Will Find You No Matter What – Songs By Luc and Bob Schneider is so refreshing and original, and perfect for the show. We talked with Bob for today’s Adult Kid feature, and I love that he feels he writes children’s songs for adults, and recording with his son Luc when Luc was younger seemed a natural thing to do. I hope you enjoy our conversation. Here’s a video for “40 Dogs (Romeo and Juliet).” If you have Amazon Prime you can stream videos for all the songs off the CD.

Listen to the interview here:

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