Switch to Direct Debits via EFT *An easier, cheaper and faster way to donate!*

Make the switch from a monthly credit card donation to monthly contribution directly from your bank account via electronic fund transfers (EFT). Your ongoing monthly donation continues uninterrupted for as long as you wish, reducing costs and eliminating paper waste. And thank you for all that you do for WTMD as a sustaining member. Your support makes the difference!

What is Electronic Fund Transfer? Simply stated, EFTs payments are payments completed over an online network, directly from your bank to ours.

Why should I switch from sending checks or using a credit card?

  • The biggest reason: using EFT eliminates the fees we pay to credit card companies on each transaction, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars a year! So more of the money you donate goes to support the station you love.
  • It reduces chances for fraud.
  • It reduces the need to update your payment method every time you receive a new credit card.
  • It allows us to access the funds faster.
  • It saves our staff time collecting checks & depositing them in banks for processing.
  • It’s a green alternative to checks, reducing the resources used in their creation & transportation.

I’ve never used EFT before – is it safe? You’ve probably done a form of EFT before without realizing it – payroll direct deposit and ATM transactions are types of EFT! And just like those, paying your donation with EFT is extremely safe. Payment information is encrypted & sent through a secure communications channel between banks. The data cannot be redirected, read, or tampered with.

How do I make the switch? Hooray, you’ve decided to help us save time and money! You can click this link or give us a call at (410) 235-1705.