Frequently Asked Questions about WTMD’s programming and community support

Who owns WTMD?

WTMD is licensed as a non-commercial, educational radio station by the Federal Communications Commission licensed to Baltimore Public Media.

How is the music chosen on WTMD?

Music is chosen by our programing staff, lead by our Program Director. Decisions are based on a variety of factors but at the end of the day, we choose music we think meets curious minds of our music loving listeners.

How do I submit music to WTMD?

Music submission information can be found on our Contact Us page. WTMD welcomes submissions from Baltimore Bands, National Bands and other musical artists whose quality of craft meets the expectations of our listeners.

How are programming decisions made at WTMD?

WTMD is an independent music station. Our program director is responsible for all programming decisions and based on available research, an understanding of the ever changing music scene and are based on listener desires. The program director is also responsible for ensuring the highest technical quality of our airwaves. Coverage of events, music, arts and culture are made by our programming staff and each staff member seeks to bring stories about the music and cultural of the central Maryland Region.

I have a story idea I think WTMD should cover, How do I get you put it on the air?

You can email a press release or story idea to [email protected]. WTMD receives dozens of requests each day and we cannot respond to individual requests. Our staff incorporates these communications into planning their individual shows and programming elements, but there is no guarantee that your idea will make it to air.

I have a show idea and I’d like to get an hour on WTMD each week or even every day. I’m even willing to pay! How can I make that happen?

WTMD does not accept unsolicited program proposals and, as a public radio station, does not broker its time to organizations or individuals.

How do I buy Advertising on WTMD?

WTMD does not accept advertising. As a non commercial educational radio station, the FCC requires us to acknowledge corporations and other organizations who provide financial support to the station. These acknowledgments, called underwriting announcements, must meet FCC language guidelines. These announcements must be descriptive, and may not contain references to price, qualitative or promotional language, a call to action or inducements to buy. WTMD does not accept underwriting from political candidates or advocacy groups seeking to influence governments or legislation. WTMD reserves the right to reject underwriting for any reason. See our underwriting information.

How to I get a Public Service Announcement on WTMD?

WTMD does not accept public service announcements. However, you may place community event announcements on our events page. The events calendar is promoted several times a day on the air and a link is included our e-newsletter.

Why not? Isn’t WTMD required to carry to PSAs? Isn’t this part of your mission to serve the public?

Radio Stations are required to act in the public best interest but are not required to air specific types of programming such as a PSA by the FCC. WTMD fulfills its public service mission by working with nonprofit groups that share of love of music and promote the general welfare of our operating area. WTMD supports groups who have a musical component to their activities and enhance the quality of life in Central Maryland. Also, paid sponsorships are part of our funding model and many groups support WTMD’s mission thorough these sponsorships.

How do you support these groups?

WTMD partners with non-profit organizations through media partnerships. These partnerships can include airtime on WTMD, mentions in our e-newsletter, promotion on WTMD’s ticker sign and website. In return, WTMD generally asks the partnering organization to publish WTMD’s logo in any collateral material, provide volunteers for fund drives and other events, hanging WTMD banners at the event recognizing us as a media sponsor and, if possible, incorporating WTMD into the event such stage announcements or having a WTMD air personality act as emcee.

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