Saturday Morning Tunes’ Grateful Dead for Kids

Grateful Dead for Kids

If you’re a Grateful Dead fan with young kids, you’ve probably wanted to bring them with you to share your love of this incredible band. Now you can—at The Clarice—with Ed Hough’s Dead Collective, featuring some incredibly talented musicians from the jam scene. WTMD & WYPR’s Saturday Morning Tunes is partnering with The Clarice to bring our Grateful Dead for Kids show to College Park for the first time. Each show’s lineup is curated by band leader Ed Hough.

The band for this show includes:

Ed Hough, drums and vocals
As a founding member of Smooth Kentucky, Ed Hough has been an influential part of the Baltimore music scene for decades. He has performed the music of the Grateful Dead, Allman Brothers and many other bands over the years.

Butchy Sochorow, guitar and vocals
Butchy Sochorow has been casting his Jerry Garcia-inspired musical spirit across the eastern seaboard with Splintered Sunlight for close to three decades, thrilling audiences with his soaring lead guitar and passion for improvisational jamming, laid-back vibe and uncompromising drive to express his soul through his guitar. Whether playing Grateful Dead, JGB or his own originals, Butchy delivers a unique musical experience that feeds the soul.

Mookie Siegel, keyboards
A veteran keyboardist, Mookie has played with Grateful Dead bassist Phil Lesh & Friends as well as Grateful Dead singer/guitarist Bob Weir and his band Rat Dog.

David Markowitz, bass
Dave is a member of Baltimore roots rock/Americana mainstays The Bridge, and has performed for years as part of Ed Hough’s Dead Collective and Ed Hough’s Allman Bros Collective.

Tim Pruitt, guitar
A true guitar master and a founding member of New Potato Caboose, Tim has performed with a long list of D.C.- and Baltimore-based musicians over more than three decades.


This performance is supported in part by the Maryland State Arts Council and The Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation. The event is presented as a partnership between Clarice Presents, WYPR 88.1 and WTMD 89.7.

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