WTMD’s Spring Membership Drive


Join us from March 20 – 26 as we celebrate women musicians through the decades. 

We’re starting with the 1960’s on Day 1, and work up to the 2000’s for our final day on Tuesday, the 26th.

Music Discovery is in action every day at WTMD. Not only new songs and artists but gems you may not have heard from the past.

That’s why it’s called TOTAL music discovery. It’s our mission – we bring you an incredible variety of music, through many genres and eras.

Support everyday discovery by donating today during our Spring membership drive.

Members make it all happen.

Plus – anyone who donates on the 20th and 21st will be automatically entered to win an overnight trip to NYC to see The Last Dinner Party on March 26th. You and a guest will receive train fare, one night in an NYC hotel and a pair of tickets to the show!

Make your gift and get entered!


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WTMD is sponsored by

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