Public Radio Music Day 2023

Non-commercial music stations are an essential force to contributing to music education, the performing arts, inspiring new artists, and enriching our communities.

Today is Public Radio Music Day (PRMD)—a day where we recognize how public radio stations like WTMD contribute to showcasing local artists and educating music fans. 

Thank you for celebrating the fourth annual PRMD with us. What a blast! 

Today was also the official opening reception for WTMD’s new exhibit “Albumania,” a series of classic and obscure album covers transformed into clever, satirical works of art by Baltimore’s own Matt Muirhead. You can check out his work here.

And now, a rewind of today’s PRMD performances…

Genesis Owusu’s energetic Live Lunch perofrmance:

Low Cut Connie’s Adam Weiner special happy hour show:




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