WATCH NOW: Live Lunch with Citizen Cope

If you missed the live broadcast on 89.7 FM TMD or the livestream on the WTMD Youtube channel, you can see it here now!

* Sustainers Perk Alert *

You’ve probably heard us gushing about sustainers, and for good reason!

TMD sustaining members are those who make a monthly, fixed contribution.

It’s because of them we have the confidence to plan ahead for things like First Thursdays, Tyler Laporte’s Christmas bonus and Live Lunch with Citizen Cope.

Yes, you heard correctly. The DMV’s conquering hero returns for a stripped down, intimate performance at TMD’s next Live Lunch on Friday, June 23rd.

Sustaining members got a chance to be part of the audience in WTMD’s performance space.

If you aren’t yet a sustaining member it’s never too late to become one!.

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WTMD is sponsored by

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