YOUNG AT HEART – Earth Day Celebration – Saturday April 23rd

Modified: April 22, 2022

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It’s our annual Earth Day Weekend Celebration on this Saturday’s Young at Heart, with lots of Earth-centric songs. Lisa Mathews will also be chatting with Deborah “Spice” Kleinman, a Baltimore-based musician and Teaching Artist who is also Chair of the Greater Baltimore Chapter of the Sierra Club of Maryland. Spice will be talking about her work with the Sierra Club and share ideas for listeners to get involved in taking care of our little part of the planet.

To learn more about Earth Day and things you can do to participate, visit

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GENTLE BREEZE – Lou Reed & Laurie Anderson
OUT IN NATURE – Band of Horses
KEEP A GREEN TREE IN YOUR HEART – Charity and the Jam Band
Guest Interview – Deborah “Spice” Kleinman
NO SUCH THING AS WASTE – Formidable Vegetable
THE THREE R’S – Jack Johnson
USE IT AGAIN – Peter Alsop
PICK IT UP – Fyutch
THE KIDS TOOK OVER – They Might Be Giants
IT ALL COMES BACK TO ME – Barry Louis Polisar
STUFF – Esther Crow
CHILDREN CALL – The Nomadics
SAVE THE WORLD – Shovels & Rope
FEELS LIKE SUMMER – Childish Gambino

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