Saturday’s Young at Heart features songs from favorite kid-friendly movies. Oh, there are so many! Lisa had fun choosing from both old and newish movies.

Brian Simms and Tom Moon of Milkshake will be back for Talking Tunes, and the tune is “The Saga Begins” by Weird Al Yankovic. Not exactly a song from a movie, but certainly inspired by the Star Wars series.

If you have a kid-friendly song you’d like to hear, please email Lisa: [email protected]. Also, follow us on Instagram @youngatheartradio and like us on Facebook at Young at Heart.

ZIP-A-DEE-DOO-DA – James Basket (Song of the South)
YOU’VE GOT A FRIEND IN ME – Randy Newman (Toy Story)
BE BACK SOON – Ron Moody (Oliver)
I’M WISHING – Adriana Caselotti (Snow White)
Talking Tunes – Brian Simms and Tom Moon
THE SAGA BEGINS – “Weird Al” Yankovic (Star Wars)
STAR WARS– Bill Murray (Nick the Lounge Singer)
CANTINA BAND – John Williams (Star Wars)
SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW – Judy Garland (Wizard of Oz)
SPIRIT – Beyonce (Lion King new)
REMEMBER ME – Gael García Bernal (Coco)
BE LIKE YOU (THE MONKEY SONG) – Los Lobos (Jungle Book)
PURE IMAGINATION – Fiona Apple (Willy Wonka)
YMCA – The Minions (Despicable Me 2)
DO-DILLY-DOO (A FRIEND LIKE YOU) – Walter Martin (Missing Link)
ALICE – Avril Lavine (Alice in Wonderland)
CHANGES – Butterfly Boucher and David Bowie (Shrek 2)
DOWN TO EARTH – Peter Gabriel (Wall E)