The 5 O’clock Shadow: Thursday June 17, 2021

This week’s Shadow’s all have the same theme, a suggestion from Roberta Kasik.

She would like the theme to reveal itself as The Shadows are solved. This too will reveal the theme, which is the same, for Friday’s Feature Presentation.

Although today’s Shadow sounds very much like the original it is based on they do not share the same name.

Today’s original artist did most of his recordings in the 1920’s. He was an influential bluesman, whose style was referred to as “Ragtime Texas”. This artist is not a household name however there is a very distinct instrument on this tune that sets it apart. On the song he plays quills, an early Afro-American wind instrument similar to panpipes.

On The Shadow version the quills are reproduced on a flute.

The Shadow artist’s band was launched by two blues enthusiast and took their name from a Tommy Johnson song.