On this episode of “Distorting Time,” host Dan Deacon sifts through genres and generations to compile two hours of music from a diverse group of artists and composers:

Distorting Time with Dan Deacon on WTMD

Baltimore musician and composer Dan Deacon is the host of “Distorting Time,” a new radio show on WTMD featuring long-form instrumental jams. The show begins at midnight Fridays and runs through 2 a.m. Saturdays on 89.7 WTMD. Illustration by Wilson Ward Kemp.

1. “Panama” by Konrad Sprenger, Oren Ambarchi, Phillip Sollmann
2. “Baba Mo Tunde” by King Sunny Ade
3. “Ya Evde Korksan” by Anadol
4. “L’île Somnambule” by Vague Imaginaries
5. “3 + 3” by Vangelis
6. “Spirit of Peace” by Fumio Miyashita
7. “In Flight Suspension” by Pauline Anna Strom