Homegrown Headliner: J. Pope and the Hearnow

Modified: April 1, 2021

Homegrown Headliner is a new weekly feature spotlighting some of the many talented performers from the Baltimore area. It airs Wednesday nights on Evenings With Kelly Bell.

We’ve got another amazing Homegrown Headliner for you this week. We’ll be featuring the soulful stylings of J. Pope and the HearNow!! A funky, soulful blend out of Baltimore, MD.

“The HearNow’s sound is a musical exploration into the deepest pockets of soul and hip-hop, lined with the dirty sonic lint of funk, as well as the sudden, sometimes unexpected twists of bebop and funk fusion. The music is topped with the lyrics of front woman, J Pope, who ziggs and zaggs between clever lyrical melodies and rapid-fire rhymes with a free-feeling flow and a sophisticated swagger.”


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