The 5 O’clock Shadow: Tuesday March 23, 2021

Today’s Shadow artist is a Marylander who has contributed to albums by Rachel Yamagata, Judd & Maggie, Mike McHenry and even our own Evenings host’s records. It is said local musicians stalk him in hopes of getting him on their recordings.

Over 70 musicians have performed live as a member of the original band over the years. Their front man and songwriter says, “We’ve had more members I believe than any other band in rock history”. Their band name is taken from a Lou Reed song.

The songwriter said of this song, “I wrote the song when I was 26 years old, and I was discovering that there was so much more than I had ever known. There was so much more to learn than I’d even been hinted at in the culture I’d grown up in. I had a strong sense of wonderment about that, and I realized there were people who had vastly more information in their imaginations and experiences than I had. And so that’s what inspired that song.”