Distorting Time with Dan Deacon Ep. 2 playlist

The second installment of Dan Deacon‘s new radio series “Distorting Time” had a more propulsive vibe than the first, as Dan

Distorting Time Episode 2

The second episode of “Distorting Time” with Dan Deacon was percussion-themed, and featured four pieces in two hours.

explored more percussive pieces by a variety of composers.

Each hour had only two musical pieces.

Here is the setlist for Episode 2 of “Distorting Time”

1. “Perfectly Voiceless” by Devonté Hynes (2019) arranged and performed by Third Coast Percussion
2. “Seadrum” by Boredoms (2004)
3. “The Space Between” by Joanna Brouk (1981)
4. “Drumming” by Steve Reich (1987)

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