The 5 O’clock Shadow: Friday February 26 (Skip to asterisk to go directly to today’s clue)


One member of The Shadow band’s wedding ceremony was officiated by Stevie Nicks.

The original artist played guitar and harmonica on one of the tracks on Stevie Nicks 1994 album Street Angel………..

So that was how I began thinking about today’s Shadow clue but now it has morphed in to a much larger mystery as I cannot actually find the original version ANYWHERE! I am flummoxed and am hopeful you are up for a bit of sleuthing with me.

Deer Tick, today’s original Shadow artist (Stevie Nicks officiated lead singer John McCauley’s wedding to Vanessa Carlton) introduced me to this song which appeared on a tribute album dedicated to the original artist’s work from the 80’s. I liked the song and was excited to hear the original version. Alas, after more time than I care to admit on the interwebs I have yet to hear the original version of this song!

I have learned the original artist played three songs in a 1987 film called Hearts of Fire in which he also starred. Two of the songs were originals and one was a cover. Apparently there was a soundtrack but as the film was not very well received only a limited number were released and it is now out of print. As far as I can tell there are no versions streaming anywhere either. The movie can be rented for $3.99 on Amazon but I’m not sure a full version of the song appears in the film, which I guess I now have to watch this weekend!

So where does that leave does today’s Shadow? Well, a version of the cover song the original artist sings in the film is available and has a legendary artist Shadowing another legend in the industry, not too shabby a fall back.

And that brings us to today’s revised clue……..

***The initial original artist is now The Shadow artist. He appeared on Stevie Nicks 1994 album Street Angel and when he was out on the road with Tom Petty in 1986 Nicks joined them on stage during a stop in Sydney, Australia.

The original artist’s backing band on his first commercially successful album, released in 1987, consisted of Ry Cooder, Nick Lowe and Jim Keltner.

The song is about something unordinary.