Decades of Discovery: Sept 25 – Oct 2

Join us for a musical journey through the past 60+ years of music – it’s our Decades of Discovery fall member drive.

We’re celebrating the best of what each decade had to offer (and still does!) from the 1960’s through the 2010’s. Here’s the schedule:

  • Friday, Sept. 25 – 1960’s
  • Enjoy a full weekend of WTMD specialty shows including an uninterupted episode of Weasel’s Wild Weekend!
  • Monday, Sept. 28 – 1970’s
  • Tuesday, Sept. 29 – 1980’s
  • Wednesday, Sept. 30 – 1990’s
  • Thursday, Oct. 1 – 2000’s
  • Friday, Oct. 2 – 2010’s

This isn’t your typical countdown of the top songs. Sure, you’ll hear some Beatles and Rolling Stones, but you’ll also get to hear some hidden gems and obscure songs that were true discoveries of their time.

And we didn’t forget 2020! When you contribute we’ll ask you to tell us the best song of 2020 so far or, a song from any year that has helped you get through 2020. Then we’ll play them back during an all-request day on Friday, October 9 as a thank you for your support.

Make a contribution today and help us raise the funds and members needed to keep WTMD healthy and strong.

Members Make the Music Happen!


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