The 5 o’clock shadow: Tuesday, August 4, 2020
 The original band contained a pair of Brothers. They were first known as The Blue Velvets and later as The Golliwogs before taking on the name they would become known by, which is often abbreviated down to an acronym.
All three of The Shadow artist’s albums were released on the American independent label Dualtone records.  Before taking on their current name they were known as Free Beer. Their cellist quit in 2018.
 Today’s earlier/predicted weather is a clue to what this song is literally about however, the original songwriter says it is about rising tensions within the band. He stated the song was written about the fact they were on the top of the charts, and had surpassed all of their wildest expectations of fame and fortune. They were rich and famous, but somehow all the members of the band at the time we’re depressed and unhappy.