Saturday Morning Tunes Livestream feat. Jumpin’ Jamie 9:30 a.m. April 18

jumpin jamie

WTMD’s Saturday Morning Tunes is hosting its first ever livestream concert with Jumpin’ Jamie at 9:30 a.m. Saturday April 18.

Looking for something other than (“Frozen 2” for the 12th time) for your kids to watch and interact with?

We’ve got you covered!

At 9:30 a.m. on Saturday April 18, Saturday Morning Tunes presents our first Livestream with kids’ rock star Jumpin’ Jamie on WTMD’s Facebook page. It’s free, and sure to get your little ones moving.

Jamie played a sold out Saturday Morning Tunes concert at WTMD (back when we did in-person events, sigh) in November 2018 — when he had just released “Kookie,” his Green Day-inspired album for kids. Jamie’s back with a new album, “Never Mind the Blocks, Here’s Jumpin’ Jamie,” which comes out later this month.

It’s a collection of high-energy pop songs for kids that introduces themes of critical thinking, character education and activism. Never Mind the Blocks” is filled with morals and truths and was written to help guide and inspire the next generation to lead us well.

Through 12 fast paced and passionate songs, Jumpin’ Jamie is helping kids see the good in the world and reminding them of their own strengths and power; whether it be feeling comfortable and free, being kind or helping make bigger changes by standing up to injustice and fighting for change.

Through heavy pop and a whole lot of honesty, “Nevermind The Blocks, Here’s Jumpin’ Jamie,” approaches important subjects with a childlike approach and delivers them in a way that kids will respond to.

Sponsored in part by Garrison Forest School, Race Pace Bicycles, The Music Space and (cool) progeny.

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