Sir Paul is 77 today!!! Thousands, perhaps millions have covered his tremendous catalogue  of work, today we are looking for three varied artists and songs.

Song one, artist one; although written by Paul for a film, this song was originally released under Paul’s supervision by another band whose name begins with a B. Today we are looking for a ska, reggae Shadow version performed by a father of both reggae and ska who is still performing with his band whose name could sound like a brand of appliances.

Song two, artist two; The song is from Band on the Run, singing of an organ in the body but the title might make you think of something you’d put together to smoke. The artist is a First Thursday alum from the UK who shares a last name with a famous maker of suspenseful films.

Song three, artist three; This song of duality first appeared as a single and later on the US extended version of Magical Mystery Tour. Today it is Shadowed by the flagship post punk “gloom rock” UK band whose name could be an antidote. They are joined by someone rather close to Sir Paul.

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