This Saturday’s show celebrates that last week before school begins, with songs about visiting the beach one last time, or taking that quick trip somewhere. We’ll also hear new music from Frances England, Caspar Babypants, and others. Brian and Tom will be here for Talking Tunes – today’s tune is “Come Sail Away” – but not the Styx version. Brian and Tom love the Eric Cartman version from a Southpark episode.


Roam – B52’s
Passenger – Iggy Pop
I’ve Been Everywhere – Johnny Cash
Island In the Sun – Father Goose w/Dan Zanes
Ocean City Ditty – OHO
Sunshine Sunny Sun Sunshiny Day – Danny Weinkauf & the Red Pants Band
Be In The Sea – Caspar Babypants
We Know The Way – Moana Soundtrack
Talking Tunes with Brian and Tom
Come Sail Away – Eric Cartmen (South Park)
The Waves – Pointed Man Band
Trip On A Ship – Walter Martin
Carefree – Frances England
Anywhere – Passenger
Underneath a Spectacular Sky – Michelle Bloom & Co.
Last Turn Home – Tim Kubart
Beautiful Day With My Best Friend – Jimmy Eat World