Baltimore’s Thomas Dolby (yeah, we can claim him now that he’s taught in Charm City for years) has a short U.S. tour this month and next that brings him to Center Stage on August 8th for “An Evening of Music Storytelling”.  In this intimate solo performance, Dolby will allow members of the audience to randomly pick songs from his 30-year catalog. He will tell the story behind the song, while simultaneously deconstructing its musical parts, synth sounds, and lyrics. The resulting music will be output from his laptop and keyboards, and projected on a screen behind him, along with personal photos and memorabilia. Each performance will therefore be a slightly different audiovisual experience, with surprises each night.

The tour coincides with the July 27th release of his career-spanning anthology, Hyperactive.


Listen to his conversation with Alex Cortright here:


And see his video just for Baltimore fans: