Kevin Morby shares two versions of new song, “Baltimore”

Modified: October 25, 2017

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Kevin Morby loves Baltimore, and wants the world to know it. Just a few months after the release of his fourth solo album, City Music, the former Woods bassist has shared two versions of the song, “Baltimore,” an ode to one of his favorite cities. The “County Line” version was recorded during the City Music sessions, while the “Sky At Night” version was recorded during the Singing Saw sessions last year. Read his full statement and hear both versions of the song below.

I love Baltimore. It is a city with a giant heart and has remained one of my favorite places to keep returning to on tour. It is unique and beautiful and you can’t mistake it for anywhere else in the world — Baltimore is one hundred percent Baltimore. All proceeds from both my and the label side will go to the Believe In Music education program, which provides “an innovative music education for Baltimore’s youth.” I do hope you enjoy both versions of the song and if you do decide to donate – thank you for contributing to what I believe to be a great cause.

I wrote “Baltimore” at the time I was conceiving both Singing Saw and City Music and recorded a version during both sessions with two different bands. I love the song dearly, but in the end thought that thematically it didn’t belong on either album, and thus have been waiting for this moment to release it as what it has always been meant to be — a single.




Both versions of Kevin Morby’s “Baltimore” are available now on Bandcamp.

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