Today we’ll be celebrating summer, which is truly, finally here! We’ll hear songs about being at the beach, eating popsicles, drinking lemonade and doing all those fun things we do in warm weather and no school.

We’ll also be Talking Tunes with Brian and Tom of Milkshake. Today’s song is “Bang The Drums All Day” by Todd Rundgren. Now that school’s out, maybe some of you might want to do just that.

Our Adult Kid this week is Dan Zanes, who has been releasing some great family music since 2000 after being a member of the 80’s rock band the Del Fuegos. We’ll be chatting with Dan from his home in Brooklyn. Here’s “All Around the Kitchen” by Dan Zanes and friends, from Jack’s Big Music Show on Noggin circa 2007.

Enjoy, and happy summer!


Surfin’ USA – Beach Boys
Sing a Summer Song – Charity and the Jam Band
Mimic Octopus – StevenSteven
PopsicleThe L
Lemonade – Justin Roberts
Talking Tunes with Brian and Tom
Bang the Drum All Day – Todd Rundgren
D Is For Drums They Might Be Giants
Place In the SunFrances England
Marco PoloWalter Martin
Sunshine Sunny Sun Sunshine DayDanny Weinkauf
ADULT KID: Dan Zanes
All Around the Kitchen
Don’t Run Wild

SeagullRecess Monkey
Soak Up the Sun – Sheryl Crow
The Jellyfish Song – The Jellyfish Orchestra Sponge Bob Squarepants