Our Adult Kids this week are Los Lobos, and this great band is more Adult Kid than I realized when I worked on this Saturday’s show! When writing this, I found that the band has done more than just record one song for Stay Awake, a compilation album of Disney songs released in 1988. They actually went further, and recorded an entire album of Disney songs called Los Lobos Goes Disney in 2009 and Papa’s Dream in 1995. I didn’t know this as I was taping this Saturday’s show, so we’ll certainly be revisiting Los Lobos and their two CDs for families in the future. Here’s a video of the band performing “I Wanna Be Like You (The Monkey Song)” live.

We’re featuring some of my favorite kindie artists this week, including Cathy and Marcy, veterans of both the folk and children’s music scene. I love artists who do music for everyone, from all years and genres, so you’ll find the Turtles alongside Walter Martin and Weezer and Better Ezra and Andrew and Polly and…enjoy!

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Daylight – Matt & Kim
Shake and Sing – Little Miss Ann & Amy D
Get Up In the Morning – Cathy & Marcy
The Waves – Pointed Man Band
Conjunction Junction – Better Than Ezra
Sing To Me – Walter Martin & Karen O
Happy Together – The Turtles
All By Myself – Priscilla Ahn
All The Time – The L

I Wanna Be Like You (The Monkey Song)
Will the Wolf Survive?

Trees – Billy Kelly & Molly Ledford
Magic Helicopter – Danny Weinkauf
The Unicorn & Princess Rainbow – StevenSteven
Grapes – Andrew & Polly
Rainbow Connection – Weezer w/Hayley Williams
Young At Heart – Mista Cookie Jar