Today’s Adult Kid is none other than the late, great Johnny Cash. “Johnny Cash?!” you may be exclaiming, “What did he record for kids?” as you think about the somber Man In Black, singer of songs like Sunday Morning Coming Down and A Boy Named Sue. Cash released 96 albums in his lifetime, beginning in 1955 and ending just before his death in 2003 (although there was a posthumous release, American V: A Hundred Highways, in 2006). But in 1975, Cash released his 49th album, a recording for kids simply titled “The Johnny Cash Children’s Album. In 1981 Cash also appeared in an episode of The Muppet Show, and these two things officially make him a Young At Heart Adult Kid – an adult musician who has recorded music specifically for kids.
Here’s Johnny Cash singing with Miss Piggy on the Muppet Show:

I’ve always been a big fan of Sesame Street’s The Count, and he’ll be featured in a counting theme along with the Beatles and Feist. I’m not a fan of math, but I don’t mind counting with these guys. We’ll also hear a lovely Skee-Lo cover of Schoolhouse Rock’s song “The Tale Of Mr. Morton.” Please email me at [email protected] with any song suggestions or thoughts about the show. I’d love to hear from you!

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Morning Has Broken – Cat Stevens

Everyday People – Sly and The Family Stone

All Together Now – The Beatles

The Batty Bat – The Count (Sesame Street)

Feist – 1, 2, 3, 4

She’s a Rainbow – Rolling Stones

Moon Star Pie – Lisa Loeb

Moonbeam – Nillson

Man On the Moon – R.E.M.

The Tale Of Mr. Morton – Skee-Lo

Litta Bitta You – Andrew & Polly

ADULT KID: Johnny Cash


I’ve Been Everywhere

Take It Outside – Chibi Kodama

Steven Steven – You Can’t Change Who I Am

Starfish and Coffee – Prince

Somewhere Over the Rainbow – Judy Garland