I’m really excited about this week’s Adult Kids OK GO. Not just because I am a super-fan of the band and their music, but I think kids would love much of what they do, too – especially their amazing usually-one-take videos. OK GO contributed to The Green Album, a wonderful compilation disc of Sesame Street songs by adult artists released in 2011. The band did the only video for the album, their version of “The Muppet Show Theme Song.” As with most of the videos by OK GO, this one is brilliant fun, especially with the inclusion of the muppets themselves.

Speaking of Sesame Street, April is Autism Awareness month and on April 10th Sesame Street will premiere their first autistic muppet, Julia. Here at Young At Heart, we’ll chat with Nancy Burrows, co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul – Raising Kids on the Spectrum. Nancy has a child on the spectrum who finds making music a great creative outlet, and we’ll hear a snippet of one of his many music compositions.

Be sure to listen to today’s Saturday Morning Tunes at 10 AM, too. Little Miss Ann and Amy D will be taking the WTMD soundstage and if you’ve got tickets, I’ll see you there! If not, tune in for the fun.

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Lovely Day – Bill Withers
Happy Face – The L
Little April Showers – Natalie Merchant, Michael Stipe, The Roches
How Can You Tell It’s Going to Rain – Andrew & Polly
Look At Those Clouds – Danny Weinkauf
Mimic Octopus – STEVENSTEVEN
Octopus’ Garden – The Beatles

Interview with Nancy Burrows, co-author of Chicken Soup For the Soul – Raising Kids On the Spectrum
Don’t Bore Anyone’s Ears – James Burrows

Adult Kid: OK GO
The Muppet Show Theme Song
I Won’t Let You Down

Guitar Man – Cake
Mr. Tamborine Man – The Byrds
Los Colores – Uno Dos Tres Andres
Sing To Me – Walter Martin w/Karen O
When You Grow Up – Priscilla Ahn
Pure Imagination – Maroon 5