Walk into any bar, at any time, on Lower Broadway in Nashville and you’re likely to find talented, hard-working musicians playing mainstream country music covers for happy tourists. It’s not exactly the place you’d expect to be knocked off your feet by a kickass garage rock band, which is why it was the perfect setting for Ron Gallo’s recent short film / music video.

The video is all one shot, beginning with the Nashville (by-way-of Philly) based musician walking down an alleyway, reciting lyrics to his song “All Punks are Domesticated.” He turns a corner onto a crowded street to find his bandmates and their instruments waiting for him on the bed of a pick-up. They pull into a busy intersection, he hops on, straps on, and launches into a fiery rendition of “Please Yourself,” included on their upcoming album Heavy Meta, out February 3rd on New West Records. At less than a minute and a half, it gives them just enough time to (involuntarily) be the backdrop for a selfie, and drive away as the cops show up. Rock and roll.