Watch OK Go’s incredible video for “The One Moment”

OK Go have done it again! The band are without a doubt great at crafting thoughtful, and super catchy indie pop jams, but what’s gotten them more attention over the years have been their jaw-dropping music videos. It’d be tough to top their last video, which had them synchronized floating in zero gravity, but this new one comes close. It’s hard to believe your eyes when you see all that happens in the 4.2 seconds it took to shoot most of it.

The song is called “The One Moment” and they’ve said it’s “a celebration of (and a prayer for) those moments in life when we are most alive.”

“For the video, we tried to represent this idea literally — we shot it in a single moment. We constructed a moment of total chaos and confusion, and then unraveled that moment, discovering the beauty, wonder, and structure within.”


Watch and be amazed.


The band go into much more detail in the making of the video here.

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