WTMD Presents BWI Live with Dave Heumann Friday, March 25th at 7pm

daveheumannFriday, March 25 at 7:00pm to 10:00pm

BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport, Baggage Claim 5

WTMD and BWI Thurgood Marshall airport are pleased to announce that Jenn Wasner (Wye Oak, Flock of Dimes), Dave Heumann (Arbouretum) and Super City will help kick off this year’s BWI Live concert series with free performances in the airport baggage claim.

The series is part of an ongoing partnership between WTMD and BWI to help connect travelers from around the world with music from the Baltimore and D.C. region. The shows run from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. each month on the floor near baggage belt 5.

“This is a fun and innovative way for us to put Baltimore/D.C. artists in front of a large audience and we are excited to start the second season of WTMD Presents BWI Live,” said Scott Mullins, WTMD’s Program Director and Interim General Manager. “We believe that first impressions are important and this will be the first impression of our city for a lot of these travelers.”

In addition to presenting live performances at the airport, WTMD also curates a set of music from Baltimore and Washington artists which can be heard in BWI’s bathrooms, observation gallery and other locations around the airport.

Last fall, WTMD helped arrange the secret debut of Animal Collective’s new album “Painting With” by playing it on loop at BWI for 24 hours on the day before Thanksgiving. People Magazine named it one of ‘5 Innovative Ways Artists Have Released Music.’

“BWI Marshall Airport’s partnership with WTMD has not only entertained our patrons and employees, but has enlightened the travelling public about the vibrant music scene in the Baltimore-Washington region,” said Mike Phennicie, BWI’s Director of Corporate and Community Relations.

Schedule of performances:

All concerts run 7 p.m.-10 p.m.

March 25 – Dave Heumann (Arbouretum)After years spent fronting the critically acclaimed Arbouretum, Heumann recently released his first solo album “Here in the Deep,” a collection of warm, resonate rock music.

April 29 – Super City

Super City brings together expert musicianship with an ear for songwriting. Gorgeous instrumental passages weave in and out of thoughtful, well-knit pop songs.

For more information, contact:

WTMD — Scott Mullins at 410-704-5394 or [email protected]

BWI – Mike Phennicie at 410-859-7987 or [email protected]

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