Sam Sessa’s top 10 Baltimore songs of 2015

Sam Sessa1. “Believe in Baltimore” by the Believe in Music kids (recorded at WTMD)
One of the most positive and uplifting things to come out of the riots – lyrics written and sung by Baltimore middle schoolers, with help from members of Future Islands, Lower Dens, Celebration and many others. Because they believe. Listen to this song and you will, too.

2. “Summer Feet” by Sun Club
This song kicks down your bedroom door and drags you outside to go dancing. Sun Club is Baltimore’s most exciting young band.

3. “To Die in LA” by Lower Dens
Dark and alluring with a killer hook, this was the best track on Lower Dens’ best album to date.

4. “Sparks” by beach house
A smoldering single that begs for repeat listens.

5. “Crash” by Great American Canyon Band
In such divisive times, this song – and this band – remind us that yes, we can be whole again.

6. “Feel the Lightning” by Dan Deacon
Dan Deacon returns to his roots as a solo artist and seems so happy. It’s impossible not to smile along with him.

7. “Are We In Love” by Bosley
Bosley moves the clock forward into early ‘70s funk for this bittersweet look at a relationship on the rocks. Clothes optional.

8. “Tiny Houses” by Legends of Et Cetera
How are these kids only in high school? Incredible.

9. “Hey There Mister” by Caleb Stine and the Brakemen
By now, these Americana stalwarts have nothing to prove, but they’re sounding lean and hungry here.

10. “Broke Even” by Among Wolves
A fastball right down the middle of indie rock.

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