If you had to neatly file away the music of singer-songwriter Rayland Baxter, the “Americana” folder would be a suitable place. That being said, there is something very unique about his sound that is helping to bring him fans of all kinds; from the roots and country purists, to the hip indie rockers. He recently released his sophomore album, Imaginary Man, and the lead single “Yellow Eyes” immediately won us over here at WTMD.



The son of renowned pedal steel guitarist Bucky Baxter (Bob Dylan, REM, Ryan Adams, Steve Earle), Rayland was influenced greatly by the kinds of music he was surrounded by growing up in Nashville. His father even played on both his 2012 debut, Feathers and Hooks, and his new album. What sets Baxter apart from the scores of musicians coming out of his home town, is the way he spins a melody, and his willingness to experiment in the studio. With a songwriting style that ignores most genre conventions, it’s no wonder he’s been attracting such a wide audience. Take a listen to the dark and bluesy “Young Man.”



By the way, this isn’t the first time you’ve heard Rayland Baxter’s voice on our airwaves. Back in 2010, he joined Caitlin Rose for a duet on her album Own Side Now. Remember this one?



Imaginary Man is out now on ATO Records.