BWI and WTMD Partner to bring Washington and Baltimore Bands to the Airport!

Modified: October 28, 2016

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200px-BWI_Logo.svgWTMD has partnered with BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport to bring Baltimore and DC artists even more exposure to people from around the country and around the world.

Each Friday you can see a band from the Baltimore-Washington region play live in the airport by baggage belt number five from 7 to 10 pm! The Herd of Main Street kicks off BWI Live presented by WTMD. Look for other bands on our website — we’ll be updating them in the events calendar.

But Wait! There’s More!

BWI Live is also a being played in the airport every day. WTMD is curating a very special set of music from Baltimore and Washington artists that can be heard in select parts of BWI. So the next time you’re in the airport or having folks arrive for a visit, make sure to tell them they can get a taste of our region’s incredible music scene as soon as they touch down. The best places to hear the recordings… believe it or not… are the restrooms and in the big lounge and observation area of the airport.

Baltimore Music Matters and WTMD is committed to making sure bands from Baltimore/Washington region are heard each and every day on our air. Now we proud to introduce out-of-towners to the remarkable talent residing in our region. Plus, it’s a nice send off for locals departing from BWI —a final musical moment before getting on the plane!

Full Schedule

The last Friday of each month, 7-10pm

Jan 30 – The Herd of Main Street

Feb 27 – Brooks Long & The Mad Dog No Good

Mar 27 – June Star

Apr 24 – Among Wolves

May 29 – Ursula Ricks


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WTMD is sponsored by

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