Sam Sessa

Ugh, this photo. But I couldn’t find a better one.

What a year for Baltimore music. Here are some of my favorites.

14. Fractal Cat — “Tryptide

Warm and sunny music to brighten a cold winter day.

13. Repelican — “Done

Jon Ehrens continues his streak of inventive, retro-sounding tunes.

12. Adam Lempel and the Casiobeats — “Jump

Lonesome nostalgia and tasty ’80s synth hooks. What’s not to love?

11. Viking Moses — “Morning Compromise

Singer/songwriter Brendon Massei rips his heart out and stuffs it into the microphone.

10. Wing Dam — “Lights

That guitar tone. So ’90s. So good.

9. Sun Club — “Beauty Meat

Everything I love about Baltimore’s DIY scene in one song.

8. Second Best Westerns — “Stragglers

Best band name on this list.

7. Dope Body — “Hired Gun” from Lifer

Music for drinking and/or raging.

6. Roomrunner — “Chrono Trigger

Their most melodic album yet. It still rocks, though.

5. George Cessna — “Leave Me Alone”

Outlaw country gets introspective.

4. Ed Schrader’s Music Beat — “Televan

So catchy and so short. I have listened to this song 1,163 times this year.

3. Celebration — “Walk On

When you feel like everything is going to hell, this song will help.

2. Wye Oak — “Glory

This album lived in my car this year. It’s my favorite album of 2014.

1. Future Islands — “Seasons (Waiting On You)

The hardest working band in Baltimore releases its best song ever and everyone loves it.