Erik Deatherage’s Top 10 of 2014

Modified: October 28, 2016

These were songs that had something clever to say (“Avant Gardner”), synthesized several disparate genres into something, dare I say, original (Barr Brothers) pounded over-the-top harmonies into our subconscious (“Brill Bruisers”) and proved that Dad-looking dudes could bust some meme-worthy moves (Future Islands).

I’d say 2014 was one of the strongest years for individuality in music in recent years.

On an ironic side note: the two best albums of the year (The War on Drugs’Lost in the Dream and Benji by Sun Kill Moon) were by two bands that have been feuding online ever since, during a music festival, sound from one band allegedly bled into the others’ set.

1. Half Crazy- The Barr Brothers
2. The Avant Gardner- Courtney Barnett
3. Brill Bruisers- The New Pornographers
4. Red Eyes- The War on Drugs
5. Budapest- George Ezra
6. Coffee- Sylvan Esso
7. Seasons (Waiting on You)- Future Islands
8. Scarecrow- Counting Crows
9. September Fields- Frazey Ford
10. Destination- Nickel Creek

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