Start Everyday with a Song


Everyday WTMD starts your day with a song.

Music is an important part of your life. You find inspiration, comfort and even celebration every time you tune into WTMD.

Music is an essential part of your life.  You are essential to WTMD.

Just as WTMD is here to support you, we depend on you to be here for WTMD.  When you make a year-end gift to WTMD, you’re a part of the team that keeps this essential music playing so everyone’s lives can be enriched.

I’m asking you to make a special year-end gift now.  Your gift gives you a 2013 tax deduction for you and ensures WTMD can plan for a incredible year of music, programming and concerts knowing we have maximum listener support.

Reaffirm your support to WTMD knowing you’re helping make every song we play in 2014 important, meaningful and essential to you or someone else in our community.

Steve Yasko
General Manager

PS–If you’ve already made a year-end gift, thank you.  If you haven’t, please join these listeners in helping us plan 2014.

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WTMD is sponsored by

WTMD is sponsored by

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