Don Rogers’ Top 10 Songs of 2013

*Arctic Monkeys  “R U Mine”  – Sounds like Black Sabbath.  Need I say more

*Vampire Weekend  “Diane Young”  – I was pleasantly surprised by the first single from their new album.  I’ll give them a Top 10 for this.

*John Murry  “Southern Sky” – The sound of this song makes me feel like I am floating in the clouds.

*J Roddy  “Marigold” –  It’s just rock and roll done the way the fore-rockers intended it to be.  I love these guys, almost to the point where they should have gotten a restraining order on me about 6 or 7 years ago. 

* Eleanor Friedberger “Stare at the Sun” – Energetic and I dig the melody.

*Sally Ford and the Sound Outside “Party Kids” – I love the garage pop surfer rock, and they nail it.

*Junip  “Your Life, Your Call” – Love those mellow sounds of Jose Gonzales and Junip

*Jake Bugg  “Slumville Sunrise”  – Rock and roll with a dash of Americana and a handful of English attitude.  

*Icona Pop “I Love It” – my 8 year old stepdaughter makes me listen to pop music and I never got tired of this one.

*Blank – in honor of the song I really like but forgot about it.  Yes it’s a cop-out, but it’s my list.

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