Paul “Detour” Hartman’s Top 11 Songs of 2013

paulspNote that there aren’t any numbers. It’s tough to rank them 1-10, so these are not in any particular order.

Artist — song — album — label — notes

John Flynn “You Can’t Tell” (single)


Elemotho “Mosiele” My Africa [ARC Music] Namibia

David Francey “American Blues” So Say We All [Red House] Canada/Scotland

Väsen “Byxen, Fisen & Blåsen” Mindset [NorthSide] Sweden

Red Tail Ring “Ohio Turnpike” The Heart’s Swift Foot []

Genticorum “La Brunante” Enregistré Live [] Canada (Quebec)

Trout Fishing in America “Slow” Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers [Trout Records]

Ken & Brad Kolodner “Billy in the Lowground” Skipping Rocks [Fenchurch Music] Baltimore music!

Linda Thompson “Never Put to Sea Boys” Won’t Be Long Now [Pettifer Sounds] England — Richard Thompson’s ex

Blackie and the Rodeo Kings “South” South [File Under: Music] Canada

Honorable mention:
Tim O’Brien and Darrell Scott “Keep Your Dirty Lights On” Memories and Moments [Full Skies]

Couldn’t get it down to only 10…

The Detour Top-10 (oops, I mean Top-11) will be played on Detour, the Folk, Roots, and World Music Show on Sunday, December 8th. 5-7PM

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