Baltimore Hit Parade playlist – Timothy Bracken Oct. 22

Baltimore singer/songwriter Timothy Bracken is this week's house band.

Baltimore singer/songwriter Timothy Bracken is this week’s house band.

Baltimore singer/songwriter Timothy Bracken gets around. You may have seen him before without realizing it — he plays guitar in June Star, he performs with a wedding band and for the past decade or so he’s been releasing solo albums.

Bracken’s latest, “Parti-Color,” rocks harder than anything he’s done before. Songs like the fiery “Lose Your Head” and slow-burning “Go Back Down” are among the highlights. On this week’s episode, which re-airs at 4 p.m. Sunday, Bracken shared his “everything-in-a-month” songwriting process and also his strategy for dealing with drunk wedding guests.

We also debuted a soulful new blues track from Ernesto J. Ponce, who plays horns in Fake Flowers, Real Dirt; and one from Outer Spaces, produced by Chester Endersby Gwazda, who also produces Dan Deacon.

The Reason was this week’s Baltimore Backtrack. They were a group of Baltimore City Paper writers including Craig Hankin and Tom Chalkley, who would later record “Bruce Springstone: Live at Bedrock,” and music writer J.D. Considine, who later wrote for The Baltimore Sun, Rolling Stone and MTV. The song was “She Don’t Like Boys,” about a man who falls in love with a woman who doesn’t like men.

Here’s the playlist:

Ernesto J. Ponce – “The Dream is Gone”

Jordan Sokel – “My People”

Timothy Bracken – “Lose Your Head” (live in studio)

June Star – “Dirt and Sparks”

Petticoat Tea Room – “Today (I Awoke)”

Soft Cat – “Goldmines”

Evan Merkel and Tucker Foltz – “Holiday”

Timothy Bracken – “Livin’ In the Past” (live in studio)

Baltimore Backtrack: The Reason – “She Don’t Like Boys”

Timothy Bracken – “Lady Machine” (live in studio)

Outer Spaces – “I Was Divided”

Super City – “Find You”

Skribe – “Great Unknown”

Timothy Bracken – “Go Back Down”

Outro music: Mel Atonin and the Mood Swings – “Lake Totem Nah-too”

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