Sunny Side Up: Valerie June

Valerie 1

Not since Adele passed through the old TMD studios on the way to her Saturday Night Live debut and worldwide fame, has an artist made the hair of everybody in the room stand up like Valerie June.

The Tennessee native’s debut Pushin’ Against a Stone is one of the best of year. It’s diversity of sound is a major reason why.

June can tackle any genre or sub-genre, it seems, be it North Mississippi Hill Country blues, Balkan music, Appalachian folk and bluegrass. All those sounds somehow sound cohesive and not a random hodgepodge on the album.

It’s a testament of talent but also of the people she surrounds herself with.

And that soul-searching and haunting voice defies description.

Hear her spellbinding session below.

Valerie June 1

Valerie June 2

Valerie June 3

(photo from L to R: Scott Mullins, Valerie June, Erik Deatherage, Jason George)

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