Little Comets 1
On Little Comets’ smart confection “Jennifer,” the subject’s timidness is a hindrance in a relationship. “Why’d you have to be so taciturn?”- might be the coolest line of the summer!

The song’s unusual rhythms, cascading chorus and punchy, world-beat guitar add to the intrigue of the lyrics.

The Newcastle, England quartet’s second album LIFE IS ELSEWHERE tackles subjects like impending fatherhood, institutions of higher learning in Britain, the complexity of relationships and even something guys in rock bands don’t usually discuss.

Hear what that is below and hear some of Little Comets’ super-catchy songs in a stripped-down setting.

Little Comets 1

Little Comets 2

Little Comets 3

(Photo: Little Comets and Erik Deatherage and Jason George at NP Recordings in Towson)