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Modified: October 28, 2016

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Johnnyswim1 Amanda Sudano and Abner Ramirez make up the married musical duo and a VH1 You Outta Know artist Johnnywsim.

And while the Nashville couple is known for their playful answers when it comes to the origins of their name, they get quickly get down to business in their recent Sunny Side Up session.

Ramirez, a classically-trained violinist, and Sudano, the daughter of late disco legend (and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer) Donna Summer and super producer Bruce Sudano, combine folk, gospel and even a little country on their new EP Heartbeats.

Johnnyswim’s rich and wide-eyed vocals and sexy interplay are the very definition of chemistry. It’ll make you feel hotter than a pepper sprout. And oh yeah, listen for another Johnny and June reference in their leadoff song for their highly enjoyable session below!

Johnnyswim 1

Johnnyswim 2

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