Sunny Side Up: James McCartney

James M

If all you saw were the eyes, you’d swear you were looking at his dad. But for James McCartney, the unfair comparisons stop there. For one thing, he’s very shy compared to his famous father’s outgoing nature- sharing more with his late mum Linda. As far as his music, it’s less the grand, sophisticated pop compositions of Paul McCartney and more the kind of earnest, spiritual explorations another Beatle made famous: George Harrison. There’s also a lot of Nirvana and Matthew Sweet influence.

On his full length debut, ME, McCartney sings about family, loss, transcendental mediation and finding peace. Finding that must have been hard for the 35-year-old, so obviously blessed with talent but who waited for the right time to put his art out there for the public to consume and the critics to assess.

I think he’s found it. He sounds like a happy man. Check out his Sunny Side Up session below.

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