Sunny Side Up: Blondfire

Blondefire 2

Blondfire, an LA band with roots in Michigan and even Brazil gave us one of this summer’s sweetest sounding Sunny Side Up sessions.

Formed by siblings Bruce and Erica Driscoll in 2004, the group first wanted to call themselves Astaire.

But threatened legal action from the estate of the actor/dancer led to a name change.

They’ve put out some EP’s and a full-length is due soon.

Blondfire’s music sounds like it could be blasting out of Cabrio in Ocean City during Senior Week. It’s got sugary-sweet keyboard melodies and dance-ready rhythms that’ll take you back to more care-free days.

Listen to their Sunny Side Up session below and listen up for a very cool Fleetwood Mac cover!


Blondfire 1

Blondfire 2

Blondfire 4

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