WTMD’s New Logo and Ticker Sign

WTMD LogoIf you’ve driven by the new station in the past few days you’ve seen something remarkable.

WTMD has adopted a new logo as we begin the next decade of serving Baltimore with incredible music, community driven events and astounding programming.  We thought our move and 10th anniversary was the perfect time to redefine the station visually.

But Wait!  There’s More!

We’ve installed a electronic messaging board that will provide everyone passing through Towson with music and event information.  We envision this Times Square style sign as a community service.
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New Logo FAQ

WTMD has a New Logo? When did that happen?

Yes, WTMD has a new logo. We’re unveiling it this week, July 1, 2013. We’ve been planning for it for a while. We thought we should let the cat out of the bag now that it’s installed on the top of our new station at Towson City Center. The new logo signage is visible from Dulaney Valley Road and Olympic Place, on two sides of the new building.

What does it look like?

The logo features two distinct parts. There is a large Orange Circle with 89.7 inside of it and the WTMD letters are in dark blue next to it. An orange lightning bolt separates the W from the TMD.

Why the Lightning Bolt?

There are a couple of reasons. First, it reminds us that WTMD sparks our interest in new music, our community and arts and culture in the Baltimore area. Listeners have always told us that WTMD is source of new and interesting music and the spark of a lightning bolt represents that passion.

It’s also a bit retro looking, harkening back to great radio stations from the 50s and 60s. WTMD is as passionate about our musical past as we are about our future.

Second, separating the W from the TMD helps to accentuate our relationship with Towson University and the Towson Community. While WTMD serves the entire central Maryland region, our physical home is here in Towson.

Why is now the right time for a new logo?

WTMD is now 10 years old and moving into a new facility. It’s a transformational change and we feel this is a very special moment in the station’s history. It’s a time to visually re-sync our musical mission with its graphical representation.

Who designed the new logo? How did it come to be?

A team of designers from Planit, Baltimore’s leading branding and advertising agency, met with WTMD staff to discuss the station’s mission, the design of the new building and what the new space means for live performances and our future.

Planit had previously designed our Addy award winning Anti-Pop and Vi-Ear-Gra campaigns. Planit has also done work for National Public Radio. They are WTMD listeners and members and are passionate music lovers.

The Team was included Jason Drumheller, Joe Glorioso (who designed WTMD’s original logo) and Adam Aud. They prepared more than a dozen treatments for our review and the design chosen was conceived by Adam.

When do I get my new Bumper Sticker? When is the first new logo t-shirt going to happen?

There is a lot of printing to do now that we have the design. Stationery, business cards, mailers and other printed materials are needed in addition to t-shirts, pint glasses, bumper stickers and other thank you gifts. We expect to offer our first thank you gifts during the September Fund Drive, if not sooner. Bumper Stickers should be available by the end of July. We’ll distribute them at First Thursdays and other station events and you can always pick one up at the new station once we’re open to the public.

We’ll also need some time to redesign the website to incorporate the new logo.

Speaking of the new station, when is the grand opening? When’s the Party?

While the staff has moved into the new space, we’re still waiting for our permanent furniture and the new equipment to be installed. We plan on moving the transmitter by the middle of July. Once we have the final dates for some of these mile stones, we can then plan our grand opening. Right now, we’re looking at the first couple of weeks of September so stay tuned!

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